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Digital Enterprise Solutions

Our professionals can enable or support your enterprise’s capabilities that are provided through digital and electronic means by creating transparent interactions between your organization and its stakeholders (customers, vendors, partners, etc.) A sample of the types of support that our consultants provide in these engagements:

  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining

  • Business Intelligence

  • Web Development and Support

  • Electronic Commerce and Electronic Data Interchange

  • Knowledge Management (IT-based sharing/storing of individuals’ knowledge)

  • IT Strategic Planning

  • Records and Document Management

  • Accessibility Services (508 and 504 compliance)

  • Automated Abstraction, Taxonomies, and Ontologies

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Communications Management

  • Interactive Marketing

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Software Development Solutions 

Our team of experienced consultants will develop customized software applications, database applications, and other solutions not available in off-the-shelf modular software applications. A sample of the types of support that our consultants provide in these engagements:

  • Requirements Analysis, Design, Coding, and Testing

  • Production Deployment

  • Application Prototyping

  • Multimedia Software

  • Decision Support Software

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Web 2.0 Development and Management

  • Database Development and Management

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We support enterprise technology leaders to evaluate technologies, implement regulations and policies,

and facilitate the evolving CIO/CTO practice :

  • IT Governance Process Development and Management

  • Capital Planning and Investment Control Support

  • Independent Verification and Validation

  • Information Technology /Enterprise / Solutions Architecture Support

  • IT Portfolio Analysis

  • Risk Management

  • Program Analyses and Implementation (including Business Cases Analysis, Cost/Benefit Analysis and Cost Effectiveness Analyses)

  • Program Management Office Support

  • Advisory and Assistance Services

  • Market Research

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Integration and Interoperability Solutions 

Our consultants support the development and deployment of integrated information systems, which can support a wide range of enterprise functions. A sample of the types of support that our consultants provide in these engagements:

  • Infrastructure Engineering, Development, Implementation, Integration

  • Enterprise Application Integration

  • Gap Analysis and Benchmarking

  • Data Migration and Integration

  • Open Source Integration

  • Enterprise Data Management

  • Collaboration Tools

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